Top 10 Close Calls

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This weeks top moto Monday is Top 10 Closest Calls.

Number 10 on the list I call Buzzkill.
I was riding on my 2015 BMW S1000RR coming up turn 6 when my run was cut short by someone in the other lane.

Really just wrong place wrong time.

Number 9 was pretty insane. Didn't realize how gnarly it was until rewatched the footage.

Going full throttle, I went into oncoming traffic. It was when I noticed the car about to pull out on me that I downshifted and gave them an engine rev.

Just another day.

Number 8 was in California after a long day of riding.

My buddy in the GT3RS and I were racing when he suddenly pulled off. I was mid lean and had no place to go. I had to split him and the photographer.

Number 7 wasn't me, but my friend pushing himself a bit too much around the corner and barely missing a car head on.

Number 6 was when I over threw a wheelie and had to power it down. Was a hair from looping this one.

Number 5 was a throwback to my CBR days, my buddy on the Supermoto was shifting left when I was coming down from a 100 mph wheelie.

Number 4 wasn't me either. It was another guy I was racing. He went to pass a car when the car was going to pass another in front of him.

Number 3 was one of my closest calls. Could have been really bad, but I was focused forward and was able to squeeze through the gap.

Number 2 was when I was out in California. I was taking a corner when my chain was loose. It gave me a slingshot effect and threw me faster than I expected into this corner.

My hand was maybe a centimeter from the post.

Of course number 1... you all know.

The classic mirror break. Yeah if my hand had hit that railing, it would have been game over. No R1 race on YouTube.

Threw a few more in there that I thought we close ones.

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