This video was produced by professionals on location. MaxWrist disclaims any liability for injury, death or damages resulting from anyone participating in this type of behavior. Ride at your own limits.

Did a stylistic comic edit to showcase my lifestyle. 

This was originally for last weeks Throwback Thursday. I wasn't going to monetize this one, that is why I used classic rock songs. This one was for you guys, the max fam. Anyway this ended up backfiring on me and the video ended up being blocked in many countries and on many mobile devices.

Long story short I created a DailyMotion account and am testing it out to see how the restrictions / quality work on there. So check out this viddy I made and let me know if you have any issues viewing it!

Throw it a like or share if you want more and I will make an entire series like this. I think it would be really sick to do with street racing videos.



  • Maximilian

    Gold work max wrist

  • Tommaso

    Hi Max, i’m from italy! You’re the reason why i will buy my first bike ??

  • Anthony

    This is a sick video. I really enjoy all of your videos.

  • Anthony

    This is a sick video. I really enjoy all of your videos.

  • Gabriela ( scarpie)

    Max I love your new style,it’s fire?and zz top,what the hell…? greetings

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