MAXFAIL! Top 3 Rarest Supercar Encounters

This video was produced by professionals on location. MaxWrist disclaims any liability for injury, death or damages resulting from anyone participating in this type of behavior. Ride at your own limits.

This weeks Top Moto Monday video is going to be much more laid back. These are the top 3 rarest supercars. Also known as the Hypercars or Mega-Hybrids, these three are insanely fast.

Number three on the list we have the McLaren P1. I came across this gorgeous blue McLaren P1 on Mulholland Highway's famous Snake car spot in Southern California.

Immediately I turned around followed him. I had the opportunity to MAXPASS him, but I wanted it to be somewhat fair and passed on it. Then he took off and was out of sight.

After rolling up to him we spoke for a second and parted ways. Massive regret I have not asking him to throw down on a snake run. I was just a bit hesitant being my first time at the Snake and on a rental bike.

The Porsche 918 Spyder I came across while riding on Pacific Coast Highway, also in California. It was going the other direction, so I flipped around and gave him the MAXPASS. Then when we had a chance to press it, police were on our tail and they delayed my takeoff. By the time the cop was gone, so was the 918.

The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta I came across in Maranello, Italy. It was a Ferrari test driver who knew of my brand and did not want any part of it. You can see how close he passes me that he is pissed off. Then pulls into a gas station and pretty much tells me to leave.

Stay tuned next week will be much more action packed...

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