This video was produced by professionals on location. MaxWrist disclaims any liability for injury, death or damages resulting from anyone participating in this type of behavior. Ride at your own limits.

Street Racing Saturdays have now moved overseas to my home turf, Italy. This weeks SRS video takes place on the Costo Mountain Road. I am riding a 2005 GSX-R1000 K5, also known as "Godzilla" this superbike rips.

Started off with some pretty heavy traffic, the initial run uphill and downhill was practice.

After getting back down to the bottom portion of the mountain, I matched up with a Yamaha R1 rider. He took me right before turn 6 and had to count that one as a loss for me.

Heading back downhill, I matched up with an R1M. This guy was no scrub, but he was dressed like a squid. Took him on the outside as he tried to cut through an open corner.

Surprisingly the R1 racer passed the R1M rider on turn 6, then managed to cut me on the inside during the next turn. However, he overshot the turn and I was easily able to fly past him taking the number one spot for the downhill finish.

Stay tuned, this series is going to be packed full of adrenaline >:)

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