Epic Street Race Porsche GT3RS vs Yamaha YZF600R

This video was produced by professionals on location. MaxWrist disclaims any liability for injury, death or damages resulting from anyone participating in this type of behavior. Ride at your own limits.

First of the Street Race Saturday Series, this battle takes us to the mountains of Azusa, California. Taking place on San Gabriel Canyon Road, I came across a gorgeous purple Porsche GT3RS.

After following him to the top of the mountain, I struck up a conversation with him and found out he was a fan of my work. It did not take much convincing after that, he was down to do a couple runs with me.

Our meetup ending up turning into a three part series. Part one is this video, where we head down the mountain, then about halfway back up.

Part two completes the uphill run, then we go head to head through a technical section. It wasn't until the tail end of that video that I was able to catch him.

Part three is our trip down the entire mountain. The road really opens up and allows us to hit some triple digit speeds. I had two passes in part three I was really proud of.

As for this video, you are probably wondering..."Why the hell is MaxWrist on that garbage?" Well to answer this, at this time I did not have my superbikes. Both were on a boat being transported to the Americas.

In order to hold me over, I picked up this 600 off Craigslist and ripped it around a nearby canyon.

Did not expect to be shooting any videos with it, but after coming across this gorgeous supercar I had to produce something. 

Stay tuned...

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